J-WAVE「JAM THE PLANET」内 “EATOUT TOKYO”のコーナーでセルビアンナイトが紹介されました

  I was interviewed by J-WAVE program as a restaurant serving the national cuisine of the soccer World Cup.

  Serbian Night was introduced in the "EATOUT TOKYO" section of "JAM THE PLANET" after 21:00 right after the game between Serbia and Cameroon on November 28th. The restaurant information is also posted on their website and SNS. Please take a look.



11月28日㈪のセルビアvsカメルーン戦終了直後、21時すぎ「JAM THE PLANET」内"EATOUT TOKYO"コーナーで、セルビアンナイトが紹介されました。また、番組ホームページやSNSにも掲載いただきました。ぜひご覧ください。


Serbian Night Vol.Vol.102《Ćevapčići(チェヴァプチチ) / 肉団子のグリルで、がっつりブランチ&ランチ》

  FIFA World Cup has started. I was deeply impressed by the Japanese national team, who blew away the recent tense atmosphere with their victory in their first match. Since there is a six-hour time difference with Qatar, the host country, many of you may be adjusting your work, watching, and sleeping schedules. I also  follow the news as a bandwagon fan. In the middle of this circumstances, I was interviewed by an FM radio program as a restaurant of a participating country. Special thanks to the Serbian national team!

  This time Vol.102 all the guests were the first coming of the Serbian Night. Some of them are groups eating foreign local cuisine, Japanese who lived in Serbia for work, and Serbs who are staying in Japan for  months for work. After lunchtime, the J-WAVE "JAM THE PLANET" staff also had Serbian cuisine for the first time, and was surprised to find that it matched her taste.




  Thank you to everyone who came and always cared about. The last opening  at the end of the year will be dinner on December 21st. The first day of new year will be the Serbian Orthodox Chrismas menu on January 7th. Please make a note of it in your schedule for next year. After enjoying the Japanese New Year mood, why don't you join our Balkan Christmas table?


 セルビアンナイトVol.102の今回は、みなさま初来店で、各国料理食べ歩きグループのお客様や、かつてお仕事の関係でセルビアに住まれていた方、出張で長期滞在中のセルビア人などのお客様も来店されました。閉店後はJ-WAVE「JAM THE PLANET」の取材の方も、はじめてのセルビア料理を体験し、日本人の味覚との親和性に驚かれていました。 





ZINE『Baklava BANZAI ニッポン・バクラヴァガイド』にセルビアンナイトが掲載されました

ZINE『Baklava BANZAI ニッポン・バクラヴァガイド』に、セルビアンナイトが紹介されました。