Serbian Night Vol.110《Sarma(サルマ)/ サワーキャベツのロールキャベツで、バルカン・ディナー》

  Since our last Serbian Night was right before the winter holidays, I decided to make a little surprise to the main dish. Sarma, a winter-only menu item, is cabbage rolls wrapped in fermented cabbage. On this day, I stuffed dried paprika, which I bought in Serbia last summer, with meat and served with sarma. 

  Thank you to all who came and care about. Serbian Night is close from February to March. But because of inflation, staying at home costs too much electricity, so I registered as a temporary worker. Also, we have to file our income tax return in these months. Serbian Night will be back again in the spring. I am looking forward to seeing you again. 




Serbian Night Vol.109《Ćevapčići(チェヴァプチチ / 肉団子のグリルでがっつりブランチ&ランチ》

   Last week, the JASS(Japan Association of Senior Service) stopped by for lunch before visiting the embassy. This was the third time for the event "Visit the Serbian Embassy and Enjoy Serbian Cuisine" sponsored by JASS University, which sold out in last July and September. At this time, January 14th was the Julian New Year, so I decorated the “Pogaća” that is baked at ceremonial occasions in Serbia with the stamp from the Orthodox Church.

  Thank you to all who came and always care about.  Serbian Nights, which returned for brunch and lunch two years ago, was also able to reopen for dinner from last November. Recently, in addition to regular customers, there are many customers from far away and overseas so  I planned to increase the business from a day to two days a week. However three years of COVID-19 was too long for a middle-aged woman. I think I pushed myself too hard. I was sick in bed in Christmas time.  I decided to take a break during the winter, from February to March.  See you  in the spring.  Please wait for me.

 On Friday dinner, winter-only menu Sarma will be available.  Please make a reservation before it sold out.   I am looking forward to meeting you.





Serbian Night Vol.108《Karađorđeva šnicla / チーズ入りロールカツで、バルカン・ディナー》

  This winter is a power-saving winter. I thought I had to prepare for that. However, at dinner last week, the temperature in the room was just right even with the door open for ventilation, which helped. It's a warm winter, isn't it? Gradually, the number of group customers has increased. Based on the reservation list, I arrange the table positions each time so that the guests can have a good time. This week, there are many dishes with names that are difficult for Japanese people to remember such as Svadbarski Kupus or Karađorđeva šnicla . The evening went by very fast as we talked a lot about the menu and Serbia.

 Thank you to all who came and always care about. Serbian Night will take winter holidays in Feburary. In this week, it will open for lunch on weekdays on Thursday 19th.  If Saturdays are not convenient for you, how about this opportunity? 

 On Friday dinner, winter-only menu Sarma will be available. For wine by the glass, you can add cash on that day, but it would be appreciated if you could make reservation for the first glass. Each red or white Serbian Wines which are easy-to-drink types. For bottled wine, you can choose from red or white, rose, and we accepted only by reservations. All types are from Serbia and have richer flavor and taste than by the glass. Please make a reservation before it sold out.

  I am looking forward to meeting you.


 今年の冬は、節電の冬。寒さ対策をろいろ考えないと。と、覚悟していましたが、先週のディナータイムは、換気のためにドアを開けていても室温が保たれて、ほっ。。暖冬に感謝。徐々に、グループでご来店のお客様も増えています。ご予約リストを見ながら、どうテーブルを配置すれば、お客様がよりよい時間を過ごしていただけるかな、と、考えるのも毎回楽しみです。今週はSvadbarski Kupus(スヴァドバルスキ・クプス)、Karađorđeva šnicla(カラジョルジェヴァ・シュニッツラ)など、日本人には覚えにくい名前の料理が重なり、メニューの説明や、セルビアにまつわるよもやま話で、あっという間に夜は更けてゆきました。